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Team Builder

"No Man is an Island" - John Donne

More Fun with a Friend

Our Team Builder is a place for you to assemble the talent you need to turn your good idea into a Big Idea.  It might be just you at the moment and that's okay!  You are the agent for the change you want to see in the world -- and you're going to need help!  Maybe you have a background in business but need a software developer, a graphic designer or an accountant?  Or perhaps you're an up and coming developer but do not have the first clue about making a business out of your Big Idea?  With Team Builder you'll invite advisors, founders and service providers directly to join you on your journey.  You can also identify and post open positions to find talent and show that you know that "just because you can doesn't mean you should" wear all the hats.

Start with Advisors

Team Building starts by identifying and inviting your first advisor, your "Accountability Partner" or "AP".  Your AP needs to be someone who is willing to give you feedback not just high fives. It should be someone you respect but can also respectfully disagree with at times.  You need someone who has the interest and bandwidth to answer a million little questions as you begin building your pitch deck and filling out your plan.  Good candidates are former teachers or instructors who enjoy mentoring.  You can also find "thought leaders" in your space who may have a vested interest in seeing you succeed.

Our system makes it easy to ask for feedback by sending an email to people on your team to review something specific.  The goal is to get quick feedback!  We don't want "the perfect" to get in the way of "the pretty good."

Team Building

Once you have your Accountability Partner on-board it's time to assemble your team.  Not every business needs a "C-Suite" especially in the early days.  Small startups tend to use "Founder & ...." for their titles/roles.  Once you Start a Team you can then begin Inviting people to create accounts and join you your Big Idea!  Don't worry if you don't have all the right people together on day one.  Our system can be used to find talent by creating Open Roles that can be discovered through our Find a Team directory.  It's a mashup of a "job board" and "entrepreneur speed dating"  where talent finds purpose.

Ready to Get Started?

You can find Start a Team under the "Team Builder" menu above.  There you can decide if your team is Public or Private.  If it's Public others will be able to see your work in progress as well as search for any Open Positions in the Find a Team directory.   Your Team Type communicates what stage you are at with your Big Idea.  Options include:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Founders
  • Startup
  • Established
  • Enterprise
  • Student

You will then select a Team Name -- don't worry you can change it at anytime and there is no restriction other than you cannot create two teams with the same name.

Finally you need a Team Purpose!  Some questions to get you started are:

  • Why are you doing this?
  • What do you hope to accomplish?  
  • If you are looking for talent, why would someone want to be on your team?

Your team purpose will eventually help form your Mission Statement.  More on that later!

So let's get started by becoming an IDEATOR and then Start a New Team!